Basic PhiContour Course

Basic PhiContour Course



The student is not obliged to purchase a machine but must bring their own machine in order to attend the course with 2 x 1 point needles and 2 x 3r needle




First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in this PhiContour course dedicated to eyes and lips.

Today, I am very proud to represent PhiContour as a Master and I would be very happy to teach you our leading method.

PhiAcademy is the most important academy of PMU and micro-blading in the world.

The PhiContour techniques have been created in order to offer you the best knowledge and is simple and intuitive thanks to the support of the application CRAFTMASTER, an online platform that will assist you step by step during the following six months with videos, lectures and tutorials with each method and each step to help guide you during the 11 levels until you reach your official certification.

PhiAcademy also counts on an important online assistance team where you can clarify all of your questions such as dermatological problems or medicine interactions, the assistance of Craftmaster application or any doubts about our products and tools.

PhiContour courses are organised in reduced groups with a maximum of six students per master.

– Introduction and presentation of PhiContour method.
– Permanent makeup Rules and obligations.
– Al necessary documents and regulations consent forms.
– Facial Anatomy.
– Contraindications.
– Hygiene.
– Correct preparation of the workplace.
– Skin stretching techniques.
– Devise explanation.
– Correct use of all the different modules cartridges.
– Colour theory.
– Drawing technique of the lips.
– Drawing technique of the eyes.
– Working on synthetic skin.

– Practice on synthetic skin.
– Working on models mouth.
– Summary of the day.

– Practice on synthetic skin.
– Working on models eyes.
– Summary of the day.
– Hand out of Attendance certificates.

The official certificate is only obtained if you successfully complete your work on the model.

This depends exclusively on you, on your dedication, your exercise and however many hours of practice will show in the results of your work.
This method isn’t learnt in a few days as many students may think. The average time to obtain the certificate is two or three months of continuous daily practice.

In the workgroup, you will receive answers to all of your questions and doubts.

You can send photos of your work, whether it’s on synthetic skin or on a model, and you will receive constructive feedback of your work. You will have the possibility of receiving a valuation of your work and you will also learn from the valuations of other fellow artists. This is helpful, as you can learn from other people’s work, too.

You will have free access to the Craftmaster app for six months in order for you to pass all the required levels to obtain your official certificate, once this has been obtained you will also receive your official PhiContour logo for posting your work and you will appear on the official PhiContour map so your future clients can search for their nearest PhiContour artist.

After six months of from receiving the certificate, whoever performs high-quality treatments according to the judgment of PhiContour, you can be nominated to become a ROYAL ARTIST.

This consists of the recognition and worldwide certification on behalf of the best Permanent Make up Artists.

PhiAcademy holds a very high estimation for their Royal artists, mot only does they certify and guarantee their work on an international level, but if an artist creates a method that can be useful for the community, they can be promoted and given the possibility to teach that particular course and help promote it.

The course consists of a starter kit containing:
– 5 pigments, 4 lips, 1 eye.
– 4 PhiContour pencils Black, white, pink and red.
– 1 x synthetic skin latex of the anatomy of the mouth.
– 1 x synthetic skin latex of the anatomy of the eyes.
– Skin candy 10 ml 18.
– Phi whipes Block tonic whipes 20.
– Phi whipes aftercare 5/1 10.

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None, Simplicity Artist Device, Simplicity Master Device

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